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In June 2014, I will be taking part in a solo, non-stop, unassisted race to Hawaii aboard my sailing vessel 'General Trees'. The Singlehanded Transpac has been described by some as a "A bug light for weirdos". Follow me and my fellow “bug light weirdos” as we prepare our boats and ourselves for the downwind run to Hawaii.





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Jester Ports & A New Dodger

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

New Spray Dodger

Are those Blondie Hasler “Jester” inspired ports in that Dodger? Oh yeah…

Jester Ports

We will be heading out in two weeks for a little offshore shake down cruise…the Dodger will be nice to have :) More pics a little later…

50 Days And Counting

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
I knew Nick Jaffe was working on something big..I had no idea

I knew Nick Jaffe was working on something big..I had no idea

We officially accept Nick Jaffe’s challenge and will be compiling footage along the way for the highlight reel. Currently working on fitting my new spray hood dodger…More pics to come…I just posted another interview with Jak Mang a fellow 2010 bug lighter….I’m hoping to compile the entire fleet by the start date….

Where Have All The Small Boats Gone???

Monday, March 29th, 2010

With just under 80 days until the start of the 2010 Singlehanded Transpac…the fleet is starting to come together…Here is the latest post from our Race Chair Bob Johnston:

“At this time there are 18 skippers in various stages of signing up. There are a couple others (I know of) who are on the fence but leaning towards Hanalei, and entries are open until April 17th. If you are planning to race please send me at least an entry form so I can add you to my e-mail list. It will also help with race planning.

Here are the skippers who have sent me money, which talks:

Max Crittenden “Solar Wind” Martin 32, San Francisco
Paul Nielsen “Culebra” Olson 34, Sausalito
Al Germain “Bandicoot” WylieCat 30, Richmond
Gary Gould “Pakele” Islander 36, Oxnard
Adrian Johnson “Idefix” Olson 30, Seattle
Sam Burns “Southernaire” Catalina 309, Alameda
Barry Ruff “Rage” Wylie 39, Vancouver, B.C.
Ben Mewes “Mirage” Black Soo, Alameda
George Lythcott “Taz!” Express 27, Alameda
Ronnie Simpson “Warriors Wish” Jutson 30, San Diego
AJ Goldman “Second Verse” Cascade 36, Coyote Point
Jeanne Socrates “Nereida” Najad 380, Guernsey, U.K. (via So. Africa)
Jak Mang “Maitreya” Atkin Ingrid, Berkeley

Others who have declared their intention to enter:

Eva Drangsholt “Fri” Able 34 Custom, Oslo, Norway (via Seattle)
Adam Correa “Blue Moon” Int’l Folkboat, Sausalito
John Hayward “Dream Chaser” Valiant 40, San Francisco
Lou Freeman “Seabird” Swan 51, San Diego
Jeff Lebesch “Hecla” Hammerhead 54, Oakland

Welcome to the SHTP Class of 2010!”

Talking with Veterans of this race…as we get even closer to the start…the bug light weirdos  start coming out of the woodwork :) I’m hoping for a few more smaller, waterline challenged boats, to match race Blue Moon across the pond. I would prefer to match race  a Contessa 26, Albin Vega 27, Pearson Triton 28, or even a Pearson Ariel 26 :) We will see…

Newly Installed Inner Jib Tracks

Newly Installed Inner Jib Tracks

Autopilot, Chart Table, And A Visit From The Bika Crew

Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Autopilot Install

Autopilot Install

Kathe and I are sewing up a new Mainsail cover today…and I am hoping to sew up a little protective sunbrella sweater for the Autopilot. My windvane will be doing most of the steering but it is always nice to have an Autopilot.

Simple Setup...SSB, VHF, AIS, Handheld GPS

Simple Setup...SSB, VHF, AIS, Handheld GPS

The Chart table setup is coming along.

Nina & Henrik from s/v Bika Contessa 26 (Yes, Kathe and I are very very happy in this picture)

Nina & Henrik from s/v Bika Contessa 26

We had a great time hanging out with Nina & Henrik from the sailing vessel Bika–The little Contessa 26 BIKA that goes everywhere! We discussed the utility and futility of small sailboat living & adventuring–but came to a mutual conclusion that small boats were simply “cool” and well worth any discomfort that may arise. They have been doing some amazing work on BIKA lately including adding more than 60 feet of stiffening stringers to the HULL. Pretty amazing! I hope to see a bit more of the Bika crew before leaving for Hawaii in June.

A little shakedown sail…

Friday, February 12th, 2010
Rob Tryon demonstrating the hands free approach to sailing.

Rob Tryon demonstrating the hands free approach to sailing.

The leg home

The leg home

Plastiki w/ Entourage

Plastiki w/ Entourage

All in all…a very good time out on the Bay. Aside from a few adjustments here and there…Blue Moon is very close to being ready for our upcoming Qualifying sail…should be fun…More to come…

A Picture’s worth a thousand…

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Three Bridge Fiasco 2010... So Serious

Three Bridge Fiasco 2010... So Serious

Going Aloft

Going Aloft

IF 175

IF 175

Three Bridge Fiasco–Well maybe not quite three

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Blue moon is finally out and sailing. With a new rig and a bunch of other goodies…sailing the other day was just superb. More to come…

Finally sailing...

Odds and Ends

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Just a quick pictorial update on Blue Moon–The boat is actually ready for a sailing. I am saving all the painting and “looking good” details for last. Right now she is a lean mean 4 knot machine. We hope to be sailing tomorrow in the Three Bridge Fiasco, weather and wind permitting. Blue Moon is still currently without a motor (it is on the list but still very low on the list.), so having wind will be crucial especially with that late afternoon 4 knot ebb :) We will see…

Looking Like A Boat Again

***Tryon Headsail Taco–Whisker Poles in Place–

Turnbuckle Lock Down

***Turnbuckles tied together–Makes for easy adjustments while underway

Cockpit Layout

***New Mainsheet Traveller w/ extra Purchase–Barient 19 ST Winches-

The ugly cockpit

***Newly spliced Mainsheet (Regatta Braid) very nice on the hands

Lines Led Aft

***Main & Jib Halyards led aft

Low after Low after Low

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Low after Low

Well the Pacific has been quit the Low Generating Machine this Winter. Here in San Francisco…in the marina where I live and where Blue Moon is berthed ; when the winds start blowing out of the Southeast things always get interesting. I am hoping for a little weather window on Wed or Thursday to finish up a few things before the Three Bridge Fiasco on Saturday! Very excited about the race on Saturday. I hear there will most likely be close to 400 boats at the starting line! Should be a Fiasco :) Hope there is some wind!

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